2012 Secrets Revealed--Chapter 1--The Last “Pope” of St. Malachy

"2012 Secrets Revealed" is a series that will be touching on many of the prophecies connected with the End of Times. The prophecies will be decoded and the foretold events explained through these videos that are organized into various chapters. This series of videos will also reveal the answer to the most important question of all: How to survive 2012.
Saint Malachy was an Irish bishop, who lived in the 12th century AD. He was known to have many miraculous powers including the gift of healing and prophecy. But what he is famous for is that while on a visit to Rome in 1139 AD, he had a vision of all the future popes right from Pope Celestine II who reigned from 1143 AD up until the current pope, Benedict XVI. He denoted each one with a short cryptic verse that depicted a certain facet of the pope.
He made 112, or some say 111 predictions of future popes. The current pope, Benedict XVI is the 111th pope.
This chapter, which is in two parts discusses who or what the Final 112th Pope would be and attempts to decode St. Malachy's last prophecy, in the context of the End of Times.

The latter portion of this chapter uncovers the secret message on the End of Times that is encoded in the layout of the Vatican.

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